Brotherwood® have over 30 years of experience in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. this history of expertise gives us unique insight into producing high quality vehicle conversions to fulfil your needs, giving you unparalleled mobility, in comfort and inclusion.

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WAV reviews

 Client Reviews

We take pride in being able to exceed our customers' expectations, and like to hear back from our customers to find out how they are finding life with their vehicle. We remain committed to providing the best customer experience to every customer and it is through a transparent feedback process that we do so.

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WAV Case Studies

 Case Studies

There is no better way to illustrate the benefits that a Brotherwood WAV can bring to your life than by highlighting some of our clients' stories. We explore some real-world examples of how Brotherwood® clients across the UK use their vehicles to improve their quality of life.

 Case Studies

WAV Conversion Process

 What We Do

Brotherwood® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles go through several crucial processes under the hands of our skilled engineers, to create the highest quality accessible cars. Every Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle we produce undergoes our detailed transformation, to meet our exacting standards for quality, comfort and safety - a process we call Engineering to Enable.

 WAV Conversion Process

WAV Conversion Benefits

 Why We Do It

We have been converting cars for wheelchair passengers since 1985. Over that time we have developed a unique approach to vehicle conversion, one which puts the experience of the wheelchair user first. As a result, Brotherwood® conversions stand a class apart for their comfort, visibility, inclusion, safety and ease of use. Read on to see the unique benefits that this expertly-engineered process can offer.

 Conversion Benefits