The Brotherwood Difference

We have been converting cars for wheelchair passengers since 1985. Over that time we have developed a unique approach to vehicle conversion, one which puts the experience of the wheelchair user first.

As a result, Brotherwood® conversions stand a class apart for their comfort, visibility, inclusion, safety and ease of use. Read on to see the unique benefits that this expertly-engineered process can offer.

1. Passenger Comfort

We place emphasis on wheelchair passenger comfort, ensuring that the wheelchair user travels in the centre of the vehicle, on a flat, level lowered floor. Sitting centrally within the car creates a smoother ride, with a naturally ergonomic seating position.

Our lowered floor also reduces the centre of gravity of the wheelchair passenger. This is extremely important as it greatly reduces the feeling of ‘body roll’, leading to a much more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

2. Space & Visibility

Ensuring that the wheelchair is positioned with all wheels on a level surface gives a much more natural seating angle, offering improved visibility out of the front and side windows.

The lowered floor also creates more headroom for the wheelchair user – particularly useful if you are tall, but creating a beneficial feeling of spaciousness for all passengers.

3. Inclusion

Many of our customers comment on how they have felt isolated travelling in other wheelchair accessible vehicles. With a Brotherwood® conversion, the lowered floor and central wheelchair position enables wheelchair users to travel inclusively with family and friends as part of the social group.

We also aim to provide an equal head-height for able-bodied and wheelchair seated passengers alike; this enables easier conversation and promotes the feeling of inclusion and wellbeing for the wheelchair user.

4. Safety

The extreme rear of the vehicle is not considered to be the safest position within the vehicle for the wheelchair user, who may feel more vunerable when seated too close to the rear door. Moving the wheelchair position forward reduces this risk and enables the restraints to affix at the recommended 45º angle.

5. Easy Access

The unique lowered floor is not only better when travelling; the loading procedure is also made much easier for all. By lowering the floor, the gradient of the ramp is reduced. This makes loading and unloading easier and safer for wheelchair user and carer alike, and means that the lightweight, counterbalanced rear ramp can be shorter, making it easier to deploy and use in almost any parking space.

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