New VW Caddy WAV


Volkswagen Caddy Life

More Inclusion. More Life.

The new VW Caddy WAV offers outstanding space, comfort and inclusion in a compact, modern package.

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VW Caddy WAV 2023



  • Flat, Level Lowered Floor Conversion 
  • Inclusive, Central Wheelchair Location Between Rear Seats
  • PAWRS Powered Loading System (standard on Morelife) 
  • Compact and Easy-to-Drive
  • Great Visibility for the Wheelchair User
New VW Caddy WAV


Giving You More

Whilst the new Caddy Life is compact and easy-to-drive, interior space is maximised by the low, flat, level floor, which runs smoothly through to the front passenger area. Offering more space for the wheelchair user to travel centrally, inline with the rear seat passengers, and with a better view out of the windows and windscreen.

The flat floor also promotes ideal posture for the wheelchair user, making every journey more comfortable. Sitting lower within the car also reduces the wheelchair user’s centre of gravity, minimising the feeling of body-roll when cornering.

Travelling centrally within the shell promotes the feeling of safety. The powered PAWRS* restraint system, combined with our STORQ* self-tensioning restraints, ensures that wheelchairs are securely tied-down with ease and travel with peace of mind.

*Morelife only

New VW Caddy WAV Side


Compact Size


Few Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle converters include the compact Caddy Life in their range of vehicles, choosing instead the longer Caddy Maxi. The Caddy Morelife WAV offers easy wheelchair access, but is shorter in length, making it an ideal small wheelchair accessible vehicle for everyday living.



Efficient Power


The new Caddy is available with a range of Petrol TSI and Euro 6 TDI engines, some of the most efficient in class. The TDI engines feature twin-dosing technology, which helps to reduce NOx emissions. Available with either 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG gearboxes, the new Caddy offers an excellent driving experience whilst meeting the latest emission standards.

VW Caddy Wheelchair Ramp


Easy Access


A lightweight counter-balanced ramp provides wheelchair access to the rear of the vehicle, which can accommodate most manual or electric powered wheelchairs. Feather-light-the ramp can be lifted with a single finger – and features a high-grip surface for safe, easy loading with bright yellow guidelines.

The Caddy Morelife is equipped with our PAWRS Power Assisted Wheelchair Restraint System, which makes loading easy with it’s remote-controlled winching operation for combined wheelchair and occupant weights up to 250kg.






  mm inches
Entry Height 1395 55
Max. Internal Headroom 1 1420 56
Lowered Floor Length 1640 64.5
Lowered Floor Width at Entry 760 30
Lowered Floor Width at Seats 705 27.75
Max. Wheelchair Armrest Width 2 645 25.5
Access Ramp Length 1130 44.5
Access Ramp Width 730 28.75
Access Ramp Angle 12.5º
Exterior Height 1832 72
Exterior Length 4500 177
Exterior Width (inc. Mirrors) 2100 82.5

1 Internal headroom may vary depending on wheelchair travelling position.
2 In standard 2 rear seat configuration.

Type Approval No. Pending

New Caddy WAV Layout


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Caddy lowered WAV floor

Low, Flat Floor

A steeply sloping floor, sitting too high or far back in the vehicle can not only be isolating, but also an uncomfortable ride for the wheelchair user. The level, lowered floor of a Brotherwood® conversion offers a stable, comfortable, natural seating position, for better visibility, inclusion and ride quality.
Caddy WAV headroom

Spacious Headroom

Our lowered floor allows a huge headroom inside the Caddy Morelife. As a result the wheelchair user enjoys excellent visibility out of the large windows and windscreen. Sitting lower in the vehicle alos lowers the wheelchair user’s centre of gravity, reducing the feeling of body roll for a better ride.

Inclusive Wheelchair Position

The Brotherwood Morelife conversion offers an inclusive, further forward wheelchair position which offers greater visibility, comfort and inclusion with other second-row passengers, with a flat floor between the rear passenger seats.

STORQ System

STORQ automatically applies extra tension to the wheelchair restraints – ideal for those with limited grip or dexterity who might struggle with traditional buckles. By ensuring the rear restraints are properly tensioned, the wheelchair user enjoys a safer, more stable ride.

Standard on Morelife

Hook-i PAWRS

The Hook-i PAWRS is a remote-controlled, powered front restraint system, to assist loading a wheelchair and passenger. No pushing required, simply attach the restraints and press the remote control for effortless loading of combined wheelchair and passenger weights up to 250kg.

Standard on Morelife

Counterbalanced Ramp

Our custom-built, lightweight ramp is counterbalanced, so that it can be lifted with minimal effort by foot or hand. The angle is shallow to enable easy loading , while long life fittings ensure minimal maintenance and reliable performance for years to come. Finished with a high-traction surface that makes access easy for manual or power chairs.
Caddy Cockpit

Digital Cockpit

Choose the high resolution Digital Cockpit to display driver information with stunning clarity. Pair the Digital Cockpit with the incredible functionality of the 10-inch “Discover” navigation system, to give crystal clear guidance and access to media features such as, App-Connect.

Caddy Wheel

Multifunction Wheel

The leather multifunction steering wheel comes as standard on DSG models and is stylish, comfortable to hold and extremely intuitive. It gives you direct control of features including cruise control and streaming.

DAB radio

Discover Navigation

Optional “Discover” navigation displays your route on the 10-inch colour touchscreen and equips the Caddy with six speakers. “Discover Pro” offers more functionality with voice control, wireless App-Connect, Streaming & Internet and WeConnect Plus for three years.

Wireless Connectivity

Opt for the Mobile phone interface with wireless charging. When placed on the charging pad, QI enabled smartphones can be charged wirelessly with the inductive charging unit. Once paired via Bluetooth, compatible devices can use the external aerial to boost their signal.

Panoramic Roof

Panoramic Roof

The interior can be made to feel even more spacious with the optional one-piece fixed panoramic glass roof, letting in even more light for brighter, better journeys.

Rear Tables

Folding Tables

The easy to clean folding tables with cup holders are quick to set up and put away. Located on the reverse of the front row seats, within easy reach of both rear seat passengers and wheelchair users alike.

Compact Size

Despite it’s huge capacity, the Caddy Life is just 4.5 metres from bumper to bumper. The compact, hatchback sized footprint is the perfect companion for everyday driving and easy parking.

Efficient Engines

The Euro 6 TSI and TDI engine options are some of the most efficient in the Caddy’s class. TDI engines feature twin-dosing technology, which helps to reduce NOx emissions.

Cross Traffic

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Choose Rear Cross Traffic Alert which helps you reverse out of a parking space. Rear Cross Traffic Alert monitors the rear of the vehicle and warns you if it detects a potential collision. It also helps apply the brakes if necessary.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Available as an option, ACC with Stop and go, available for DSG transmission vehicles, keeps a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. It also automatically stops and starts the engine in heavy traffic for more efficient driving.

Front Assist

Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, when travelling between 3mph and 52mph, detects pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles and warn you if you are at risk of a collision and applies the brakes if you don’t react in time.

Caddy Lane Assist

Active Lane Assist

Active Lane Assist counter steers the vehicle if the driver unintentionally drifts from a lane. The system also plays audio and visual warnings on the multi-function display to alert the driver of any potential danger.


Specification & Pricing

Caddy WAV


The entry-level Caddy model features our standard Goodlife conversion with:

  • Lowered Floor Conversion with 1 Rear Seat
  • Inertia Reel Restraints
  • Solo Fixed Floor Anchors

Standard specification includes:

  • Black steel wheel with full size wheel trims
  • Black door mirrors
  • Body-coloured door handles, front and rear bumpers
  • Electronic parking brake – with auto hold function
  • Exterior mirrors, power-adjustable and heated
  • H7 twin halogen headlights
  • Separate daytime running light with automatic headlight range control
  • Silver coloured sliding door rail
  • Twin rear sliding doors
  • Climatic air conditioning system, manual
  • Heat-insulating windscreen
  • Heated rear window
  • Multi-function display
  • We Connect preparation
  • Composition Audio DAB+ radio system with 6.5 inch colour touch-screen and four loudspeakers, Bluetooth® hands-free and two USB interfaces (type-C) in dashboard
  • Center console with two cup holders
  • Electric front windows
  • Manual height adjustment for front seats
  • Multi-function steering wheel (leather trimmed steering wheel, DSG models only)
  • Fixed side windows in passenger/load compartment
  • Cruise control including speed limiter
  • Regenerative braking
  • Start/Stop

Caddy life WAV


The premium Caddy Life model is fitted with our advanced Morelife conversion with:

  • Lowered Floor Conversion with 2 Rear Seats
  • PAWRS Powered Wheelchair Restraint System
  • STORQ Self- Tensioning Restraint System

Standard specification includes:

  • 16 inch ‘Wien’ alloy wheels in Silver 6.5J x 16 with 205/60 R16 tyre
  • LED rear tail lights
  • Roof rails, black
  • Drawers under driver and front passenger seats
  • Exterior mirrors, power-folding, power-adjustable and heated
  • Manually-adjustable lumbar support for driver and front passenger seats
  • Removable waste bin with cover
  • Parking sensors, front and rear
  • App Connect
  • Composition Colour DAB+ radio system with 8.25 inch touch-screen and six loud speakers, Bluetooth® hands-free and two USB interfaces (type-C) in dashboard
  • We Connect Plus preparation

Caddy TDI engine
2.0 TDI
Diesel, transverse, water-cooled, in-line, variable turbine geometry turbocharger with intercooler
Common-rail, direct injection
Euro 6d-ISC-FCM (AQ)?
4 Cylinder
280 Nm at 1,500-2,500 rpm
Caddy TSi engine
1.5 TSI
Petrol, transverse, water-cooled, in-line, variable turbine geometry turbocharger with intercooler
Petrol, direct injection
Euro 6d-ISC-FCM (AQ)?
4 Cylinder
220 Nm at 1,750-3,000 rpm
Caddy TDI engine
2.0 TDI
Diesel, transverse, water-cooled, in-line, variable turbine geometry turbocharger with intercooler
Common-rail, direct injection
Euro 6d-ISC-FCM (AQ)?
4 Cylinder
320 Nm at 1,750-3,000 rpm

Vehicle Pricing

Model Transmission Purchase Price Fuel
Brotherwood ‘Goodlife’ VOLKSWAGEN CADDY 2.0TDI 122PS Automatic £36,239.68 Diesel
Brotherwood ‘Morelife’ VOLKSWAGEN CADDY 1.5 TSI 114PS Automatic £37,614.88 Petrol

Total ex-factory price including Pre Delivery Inspection, Number Plates, 1 Rear Seat (Goodlife). Morelife models include 2 Rear Seats, PAWRS Power Assisted Wheelchair Restraint System, STORQ Self-Tensioning Restraint System. All prices quoted assume VAT exemption. Brotherwood Automobility reserve the right to change specification and price from those published, but will honour orders where contract or purchase has been initiated.

COST FOR CUSTOMER OR DEALER SUPPLIED CAR: Fully ‘Type Approved’ Brotherwood conversion Caddy / Caddy Life Models £TBC
Motability Logo

Motability Advance Payments

Model Transmission Advance payment Fuel
Brotherwood ‘Goodlife’ VOLKSWAGEN CADDY 2.0TDI 122PS Automatic Contact Us Diesel
Brotherwood ‘Morelife’ VOLKSWAGEN CADDY 1.5 TSI 114PS Automatic Contact Us Petrol

Advance Payment on five year contract hire scheme, includes Air Conditioning, Metallic Paint.

For complete peace of mind we offer an annual Safety Assurance Programme. A qualified service engineer will visit at a time and place that suits you, to perform a full 15-point conversion safety inspection, including restraints, ramp, safety belts and more to ensure safe operation of your conversion.

For Motability clients an annual inspection is included at no cost for the first 5 Years of the Motability agreement. For all other clients the first annual visit is free of charge. You can then choose to book one or more subsequent annual visits.

WAV Safety Check

What’s Checked:

  • Ramp Grip Tape
  • Ramp Rubbers
  • Floor Covering & Carpets
  • Front, Rear and Occupant Restraints
  • Rear Restraints
  • Occupant Restraints
  • Cut-Off Switch
  • Front restraint
  • Power Switch
  • Tailgate Struts
  • Remote Control
  • Ratchin / PAWRS Operation
  • Ramp Operation
  • Tyre Wear
  • Oil Level Check
  • Coolant Level Check


Annual Safety Inspection Price Motability Clients
Year 1 Annual Inspection Included Included
Single Subsequent Annual Inspection £175.00 Included for first 5 Years
Year 2 and 3 Annual Inspection £300.00 Included for first 5 Years

If discount is applied to your order we reserve the right to rescind the offer to a free first year service.


Owner Reviews


Refurbished Caddy WAVs

Used VW Caddy WAVs for Sale

£30,995.00 Excluding VAT

3,200 miles
3 Seats + Wheelchair
56.2" Internal Headroom

£30,495.00 Excluding VAT

13,700 miles
4 Seats + Wheelchair
56.2" Internal Headroom

£30,995.00 Excluding VAT

20,500 miles
4 Seats + Wheelchair
56.2" Internal Headroom

£25,995.00 Excluding VAT

10,500 miles
4 Seats + Wheelchair
56.2" Internal Headroom

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