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New Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Sale

Brotherwood were the first company to offer new Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for sale in the UK, launching the Nissan ‘Envy’ electric WAV in 2015. Our new e-WAV conversion for the Vauxhall Vivaro e-Life offers improved comfort and space for the wheelchair user.

Nissan Electric Wheelchair Accessible vehicle


Our first Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, the ‘Envy’ conversion for the Nissan e-NV200 was the first Electric WAV for Sale in the UK. It was also the first electric WAV on the Motability scheme.

Nissan electric WAV Layout

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electric vivaro wav

Vivaro e-Life

Our all-new Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, the elektron builds upon our experience in converting electric WAVs to deliver more space and comfort for the wheelchair user over previous e-WAVs.

Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle layout

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Why are there so few Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

It is much more difficult to convert an Electric Vehicle for wheelchair access. This is due to the vehicle battery location, under the vehicle floor. The design of current electric vehicles make them less suitable for WAV conversion, and generally result in less internal space for the wheelchair user to travel.

Our in-depth article looks at the challenges of converting the current generation of EVs for wheelchair access, and looks at what the options may be in the future. 

Are Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles expensive?

Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are typically more expensive to buy than equivalent petrol or diesel vehicles. This is because of the higher purchase costs of electric vehicles. The additional technology and large batteries are currently more expensive for manufacturers to produce, meaning higher purchase costs for electric vehicle buyers.

However, electric vehicles (and therefore electric WAVs) tend to be cheaper to run, with lower running costs and less maintenance.

What Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles will be available in the future?

WAV convertors rely on suitable vehicles coming to the market from vehicle manufacturers to be able to convert them for wheelchair access. As more EVs come to market hopefully we will see more electric vehicles that are suitable for wheelchair passengers.

Brotherwood conduct WAV feasibility studies on most new vehicles as they come to market and so will always be among the first to design new WAV conversions for electric vehicles as they become available.


Electric WAV News

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e-WAV Updates

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Brotherwood converted the very first electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle in 2015, with the launch of the Nissan ‘Envy’ eNV-200 WAV. The Envy was the first electric WAV to gain full European Whole Vehicle Type approval, PAS:2012 approval and also the first electric WAV on the Motability scheme.

With this experience we know all of the challenges involved with the conversion of electric vehicles for wheelchair users. Follow our newsletter for more updates on future e-WAVs.