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As an Occupational Therapist, it is important to consider your client’s comfort, inclusion, and safety when assessing the most suitable transport for their needs.  Our experienced team can help you to carry out full Transport Needs Assessments, and make recommendations or adjustments to suit your clients’ requirements.

Transport Needs Assessments

To help identify the most suitable mobility solution, we’ll discuss your client’s requirements and what they need from their vehicle. Whether you’re looking for your client’s first WAV or replacing an existing vehicle, our expert team are on hand to provide helpful advice and pressure-free consultation.

Needs Assessment

Free At-Home Demonstrations

After establishing your clients’ requirements by telephone or email, a home demonstration is vital to give your client the opportunity to try an accessible vehicle and ensure it suits their lifestyle. A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that works perfectly for wheelchair users, families and carers alike is an ideal outcome.

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Project Management & Reporting

We can co-ordinate with Case Managers and Occupational Therapists to provide complete care for your clients’ transport needs, with full cost reporting ensuring that mobility is maintained into the future. Brotherwood are recognised by the Court of Protection and have worked with Occupational Therapists across the UK.

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Case Studies

Explore our latest client Case Studies to see how Brotherwood have provided the perfect mobility solution to ensure a successful outcome.

Case Studies
The Knights find the right WAV with the Brotherwood Ford Tourneo Connect

Brotherwood were delighted to be able to assist Mr & Mrs Knight in getting out on the road in a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) [...]

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Resource Library

Useful information for any healthcare professional seeking to learn more about crucial aspects of posture and safety when working with Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

Testing & Safety Explained
for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

An introductory guide to the testing standards and directives for WAVs and wheelchairs.

© Brotherwood Automobility

No statistics or evidence show that wheelchair users are at any greater risk than other motoring passengers when travelling by car.

[PDF 2.6MB]

Engineering to Enable:
The Brotherwood Difference

An Essential Guide to WAV Design
for Medical & Clinical Professionals

© Brotherwood Automobility

Learn more about how Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle design can directly influence comfort, posture and safety for wheelchair users.

[PDF 1.6MB]

Posture & Mobility Group
International Best Practice Guidelines

BPG1: Transportation of People Seated in Wheelchairs

© 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Posture and Wheeled Mobility

This best practice guideline (BPG) takes the form of guidance and recommendations when transporting a wheelchair user in an accessible vehicle.

[PDF 2.6MB]

British Standards Institution
PAS 2012-1:2019

M1 vehicles for the carriage of one or more passengers seated in wheelchairs – Manufacturing requirements.

© British Standards Institution 2022

This revised PAS is the first in a two-part series on passenger vehicles which have been modified to carry wheelchairs, known as WAVs.


British Standards Institution
PAS 2012-2:2019

M1 vehicles for the carriage of one or more passengers seated in wheelchairs – Retail requirements.

© British Standards Institution 2022

The second part of the PAS 2012 series that covers requirements for the supply of information to the user and the provision of user demonstrations.


International Organization for Standardization
ISO 10542-1:2012

Technical systems and aids for disabled or handicapped persons — Wheelchair tiedown and occupant-restraint systems


This part of ISO 10542 specifies design and performance requirements and associated test methods for wheelchair tiedown and occupant-restraint systems (WTORS).


International Organization for Standardization
ISO 7176-19:2022

Wheelchairs — Part 19: Wheelchairs for use as seats in motor vehicles


Requirements and recommendations for wheelchairs intended for use as seats in motor vehicles related to design, performance, labelling, presale literature, user instructions and user warnings.



Useful Information for Professionals

Clinical Considerations

Important points for an Occupational Therapist to consider when comparing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.


Brotherwood Product Range

Explore the range of new Brotherwood WAVs to find a suitable vehicle for your client.

Product Range

Video Guides

Watch our video guides on how to safely load and unload a wheelchair user into a WAV.

Video Guides


CPD Workshops

Join us at an upcoming event for our workshop: “Assessing Transport Solutions for Wheelchair Users”, an OT’s guide to assessing and prescribing transport solutions for wheelchair users. You’ll be introduced to the key details you should look for when assessing your clients’ mobility needs; get insight into what factors can influence comfort, inclusion, and safety when travelling; and gain an understanding of the various funding options and exemptions available and key considerations when building cost reports.

This workshop includes practical hands-on demonstrations including how to carry out transport needs assessments, the correct use of WTORS (restraint systems), and how to identify safety-tested devices in line with key legislation.

CPD Training Events 2023

  • CMSUK Webinar – Friday 8th September
  • OTAC Chester – Wednesday 13th September
  • OTAC Tunbridge Wells – Wednesday 8th November
  • OTAC Watford – Wednesday 29th November
  • OTAC Cardiff – Wednesday 13th December


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