New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Sale

Brotherwood Case Study

The Rogers Family

When Kate & Chris were looking for a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for their son Frank, they were determined to find a vehicle which enabled Frank to travel inclusively. They found the perfect WAV in the form of the Volkswagen Caddy Morelife.


Brotherwood Case Study

The Wilkinson Family

The Wilkinson family can now enjoy comfortable journeys in and around their home town of Southampton and further afield, with daughter Sophie travelling inclusively as part of the family, seated in her bespoke wheelchair - thanks to their new Brotherwood V-Class.


Brotherwood Case Study

The Allen Family

When the Allen family took delivery of their new wheelchair accessible Volkswagen Sharan from Brotherwood, they knew to expect an exceptional service, as it represents their tenth Brotherwood WAV - an association of over 30 years dating back to 1989.


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Buyer's Guide

How-To Guide: Choosing the Right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Owning an accessible vehicle can enable disabled people across the UK to have a sense of freedom and independence from taxis and public transport. Reading our WAV Buyer's Guide will help you to choose a wheelchair-friendly vehicle to suit your lifestyle, and answer your questions about:

 Insurance for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Finance
 Road Tax Exemption on Vehicles Adapted For Wheelchair Users
 VAT Exemption For Wheelchair Adapted Cars

You can also discover more about the process of buying a new mobility vehicle. Whether you choose from our new WAVs for sale; buy one of our used wheelchair accessible vehicleshire a wheelchair car; or lease a new mobility car via the Motability WAVs scheme. We aim to make the process as convenient as possible.

 WAV Buying Tips 

Understanding Your Needs When Buying an Adapted Vehicle

Unlike 'large volume' wheelchair vehicle converters, our priority is not to sell you a vehicle. Instead we aim to provide the best wheelchair accessible vehicles for your needs. We offer a wide range of wheelchair adapted vehicles from manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen and more.

Our friendly, experienced staff consult with you to discuss your personal mobility needs. With over 35 years experience of vehicle conversions, we know all of the issues with transporting wheelchair users by car. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent, personal, efficient service, to every client.

WAV Vehicles Specialist

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The Unique Benefits of Brotherwood® Wheelchair Cars

Brotherwood WAV Conversions stand a class apart for their comfort, inclusion, safety and ease of use. We have been converting cars with wheelchair access since 1985. Using client feedback we develop a unique approach to our disability vehicle conversions. Learn more about how:

 We design and engineer our Wheelchair Vehicle conversions are to put the needs of the wheelchair user first;

 The wheelchair user travels on a flat, lowered floor. This ensures our WAVs offer comfort, headroom, vision, and ride quality;

 The wheelchair user sits safely and inclusively with family and friends thanks to our custom seating;

 We fit easy to use, approved wheelchair tie-downs. This ensures safe, convenient accessibility for the wheelchair user.

 Brotherwood WAV Benefits 

How We Create Our Accessible Vehicle Conversions

Brotherwood® Wheelchair Cars go through a precision engineered conversion process. With exacting standards for quality, comfort and safety - we call it Engineering to Enable. Our in-house engineering team also work with specialist providers of further adaptations including hand controls and passenger transfer seats to create a vehicle that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you choose to buy a WAV outright or lease a disability car via the Motability scheme, we endeavour to provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Brotherwood disability cars are unique in their design. We expertly hand-craft each adaptation from start to finish in our manufacturing facility in Dorset, England. As a result Brotherwood WAV vehicles are known across the world as the best mobility vehicles for disabled passengers. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to see what makes a Brotherwood WAV conversion so unique.

 WAV Conversion Process