Comfort was a key consideration for Evan when he set about searching for a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). His search for a vehicle with the useability for his regular journeys, from everyday commuting and appointments, as well as the refinement and comfort across longer trips and holidays, led him to discover the Brotherwood ‘Klastar’ conversion for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Brotherwood’s engineering solution for the V-Class, with a unique flat, level, lowered floor, suited Evan’s needs, proving to be the perfect blend of comfort and practicality. The easy-to-use STORQ self-tensioning restraint system, along with the powered access ramp, make loading and securing Evan’s powered wheelchair quick, easy, and safe for his family and carers – and prevents any unwanted movement, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride for Evan.

“Perfect” Seating Position

Evan inside his Brotherwood V-Class

Evan’s seating location within the vehicle can only be described as ‘perfect’ – sitting centrally between the two rear passenger seats for an inclusive travelling experience, under the huge twin sunroof which floods the cabin with light for a spacious, airy feel.

Evan’s central position, close to the driver and front passenger seats, give a superb view out of the windscreen and over the front MBUX infotainment screen, with its 360º camera and smartphone integration enabling Evan to control the music through the sound system. “All Brotherwood features feel intuitive and luxury compared to other WAVs”, he adds.

“The service from Brotherwood was quick, responsive and clear at all times, and all stages of the purchase were dealt with in a friendly and informative manner.

Evan would recommend a Brotherwood ‘Klastar’ V-Class to anyone looking for a WAV that offers exceptional comfort, luxury features and great useability.

Overall the vehicle and service have exceeded Evan’s expectations.”

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