This is our 3rd WAV, for my son Harry who has just turned 18. Our previous vehicle which we had had for 7 years had served us well, but our needs had changed with Harry’s brothers having now grown up along with Harry getting much bigger. Harry had moved into a larger wheelchair and it was immediately apparent that we need a vehicle that had a generous entry level height so that we didn’t need to keep tilting Harry up and down as we were doing in the old vehicle, at the same time we wanted to downsize to a smaller WAV whilst increasing interior space for the wheelchair.  From searching through the different vehicles available on the Motability website we found the Ford Tourneo Connect with a 59-inch entry height, and Brotherwood.”

“Having a level floor in the vehicle was important to us to give Harry a more comfortable ride and minimise the rocking and tilting you can get from a wheelchair being positioned on an incline. Harry loves being out in the car and taking in the surroundings. By choosing the Titanium model we have the panoramic roof – you will usually find Harry starring up watching the clouds go by! The Titanium model also gave us pretty much everything we needed to make the journey comfortable for Harry and as he can require medical interventions whilst we are out, having the privacy glass means we can do this discreetly.

The Hook-i-PAWRS restraint system will assist with pulling him into the car and while it may not be used all the time we were looking to future proof our needs should he get bigger and heavier. We were super impressed by the STORQ system which self-tensioned the rear restraints – no more catching knuckles when tightening or worrying you haven’t quite turned them enough!

We chose and viewed the car during the COVID pandemic and were reassured by the additional procedures put in place to ensure everything was done safely. Both Hayden and Rachael helped to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible.”

– Tracy Penney