Christmas has always been a time when the whole family comes together – people travelling across the country to see relatives that you might only meet once a year.

But for those with less mobility – especially elderly people and wheelchair users who might struggle to travel long distances in a conventional vehicle, there is a way you can ensure an inclusive festive occasion this year; by hiring a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for the Christmas break from Brotherwood.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (or ‘WAVs’ for short) enable wheelchair users to travel while seated in their wheelchair. Instead of struggling to step or lift into a regular car seat, Brotherwood WAV conversions are designed so that people with disabilities can enjoy more comfortable, inclusive and safe car journeys.

Our WAVs are designed with a simple, lightweight rear access ramp, which enables the wheelchair user to drive (or be pushed) into the rear of the vehicle, with the added assistance of a winch if required. For the assistant, a simple 4-point restraint system and regular seatbelt are easy to fit to ensure the wheelchair user travels safely and securely.

Once inside the vehicle, the wheelchair user travels on a flat, level lowered floor, with an excellent view out of the windows – located centrally between the other passengers for an inclusive experience – perfect for a family singalong to your favourite Christmas tunes.

The comfortable ride ensures that longer cross-country journeys can be completed, meaning nobody misses out on the festive fun this year.

Brotherwood have a range of wheelchair cars to hire for Christmas; from small to large with a variety of seating capacities available. Although our offices will be closed from the 22nd December – 2nd January, you can collect (or take delivery) of your Christmas WAV rental anytime before the festive period begins, and simply return it in the new year.

As Christmas is our busiest time of year for hiring wheelchair-friendly cars, we recommend contacting our hire team today to reserve your vehicle. Call our WAV Hire Hotline today on 0330 1747 545 or explore our range of WAVs for Hire to get started.


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