QLK offers more options and features than any other docking system on the market.

When designing the QLK from the ground up, we set out to redefine a few things. Freedom, for instance, is not just traveling from one place to another but rather the confidence to do so. Confidence to cross thresholds, to navigate various conditions, to go anywhere. We created the QLK for maximum flexibility in every unique situation.

Improve Your Experience

When fractions of an inch make a huge difference, the flush surface gives you more clearance (3/16” – 5mm) for everyday travelling. Interference with castors is significantly reduced thanks to a shortened footprint. Along with a tapered channel to help guide the docking bolt in, you can forget about the usual turns, snags and crashes of docking engagement and get on with your journey.

QLK Feature 1


The lowest and highest clearance of any docking system.

Available base mounts provide a custom OEM fit while giving any wheelchair MORE ground clearance than any other system on the market.


Ditch the old stabilizing fork. QLK offers advanced stabilizing options designed to be installed and used easily.

Now you can have the safety of stabilisation without sacrificing wheelchair drivability.


Hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of models…one list.

With so many exclusive wheelchair brackets, no other docking system on the market can come close the QLK’s complete lineup for today’s popular chairs.

Reaching New Heights, and Lows

For those wanting to maximize wheelchair clearance and prefer a more ‘OEM’ look, we offer several floor mounts to raise or lower the docking system height from 1.5” (38mm) to 4” (100mm). By offering several base heights, installers can customize the mounting position so it accommodates different wheelchair applications and reduces the chance that the mounting bolt will get caught by uneven ground, thresholds and ramps. Competitive products don’t offer these options requiring “field modifications” that have not undergone crash tests.