Effortless 3-Step Operation


By combining the functions of an electric winch together with a wheelchair restraint system, PAWRS effectively halves the traditional loading process into one simple, fast, easy-to-use device.

Simply withdraw the synchronised belts, fitted with your choice of attachments, and attach to the restraint points on the front of the wheelchair. The wireless remote can then be used to load the wheelchair and passenger into the vehicle at a steady pace, with no risk of roll-back.


Although ‘hands-free’ loading is possible, for best practise we recommend that the carer is always positioned behind the wheelchair when loading.

Once inside the vehicle there is no need to attach further front restraints – PAWRS locks in place to secure wheelchairs up to 190kg safely.

Simply attach your choice of rear restraints to complete a safe, proven 4-point restraint system – peace of mind for wheelchair user and carer alike.


Attach the synchronised belts to the recognised anchor points on the front of the wheelchair.


Use the PAWRS power winch function utilising the remote control. The winch function is endurance tested to pull a 250kg load up a 15 degree ramp.


The attendant should remain closely behind the wheelchair as PAWRS pulls the wheelchair and passenger up the ramp.


PAWRS acts as a front restraint for wheelchairs up to 190kg, leaving just the rear restraints to be attached.


Depth 188mm
Width 560mm
Height 105mm
Belt Feed Synchronised powered belt feed in and out
Winch Capacity Endurance tested to pull 250kg up 15° ramp
Restraint Capacity 190kg
Webbing Up to 3.66 long webbing
Retractor Remote controlled heavy duty retractor
Auto Stop to Prevent Overload Yes
Cover Stylish vac-formed carbon fibre finish cover
Solenoid Release Yes
Manual Release in Case of Electrical Failure Yes
Corrosion Testing Standard ISO 10542
Base Plate Electro plated solid mild steel
Motor 12V Motor with Planetary Gearbox
Printed Circuit Board Yes
Electric Reels compatible with ‘Karabiner’ / ‘Buckle & Tongue’ restraints
Safety Cut-Out After 5 minutes switched on