Warranty Policy

For new Brotherwood® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Brotherwood 3 Year Warranty Terms

Brotherwood provide a 3 year or a maximum of 60,000 miles warranty (whichever comes sooner) for a fault free operation for the conversion on all new vehicles sold from 1st October 2022.

Details of the warranty conditions and period are as follows. However, some items within the Brotherwood Conversion have a natural limited life/durability and therefore will be covered less than the 3 year period. Examples of these wear and tear items include parts such as restraint webbing for the wheelchair and passenger, batteries for the PAWRS remotes and ramp grit tape.

Further Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Noises or vibrations of low amplitude or frequency, which are considered to be representative of the characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Minor adjustments considered to be representative of the permitted manufacturing tolerances accepted by Brotherwood.
  • Corrosion or other external damage resulting from stone chipping, gravel or any other form of impact.
  • Alleged defects, which are not as a result of manufacturing defects, or are not recognised as affecting the quality or function of the vehicle.

Reimbursement for repairs undertaken without prior authorisation by Brotherwood will not be made regardless of the nature of or reason for the repair.

For Fleet and Health Authorities the warranty coverage remains the same.

All vehicles will have to undergo an inspection upon annual service in year 1 and 2. Failure of this inspection will render the 3 year warranty VOID.

The inspection coupon will require a dealer / garage stamp to confirm that an overall inspection of the conversion has been completed and sent back to Brotherwood as proof. Any charges made for the inspection are solely the client’s responsibility.

Change of Ownership / Warranty Transfer

If the vehicle is sold on, the vehicle will be required to undergo a full inspection by Brotherwood at the factory within 45 days of purchase.
The inspection is chargeable costing £85.00 and shall take no longer than 2 hours. Also the new owners are required to simply complete and
return the change of ownership card (located at the back of the warranty booklet) to the address below within 30 days of taking ownership.
We will then update the details on our system to show the new owner as the registered keeper of the vehicle.