Wheelchair-friendly SatNav to be released this year

Wheelchair-friendly SatNav to be released this year

A major step forward in accessible travel has been unveiled in a joint project between Navevo and Thales Alenia Space, after the two companies announced that a new wheelchair-friendly SatNav product will be made available for retail later this year.

To be known as 'INCLUSION', this innovative device claims to be the first of its kind to offer completely barrier-free navigation, directing users through pedestrian routes which can be planned to avoid potential obstacles such as ramps, grass, stairways and kerbs.

Still totally compatible with car travel, INCLUSION will also allow its users to choose to stick to safe and smooth terrain like paved streets and well lit areas.

Drivers and passengers of new and used mobility cars will no doubt be welcoming this news, which should ensure that getting from place to place in a wheelchair, both on foot and in a vehicle, will become more straightforward than has ever been the case in the past.


Image credit: Gareth Simpson (flickr.com)