Wheelchair-friendly hotel could come to Essex

Wheelchair-friendly hotel could come to Essex

Plans have been outlined to convert an Essex care home into a hotel specifically catering for the needs of wheelchair users and other disabled people.

The Trelawne Care Home, based in the town of Clacton-on-Sea, is currently the subject of an impending decision by the local Tendring Council, who will soon conclude whether or not it would be feasible to convert four existing bedrooms in the home into high quality hotel accommodation.

It is thought that this decision will be finalised on May 13th, with the care home's owner keen to stress in the meantime how beneficial the new facility could be to both the prospective hotel's guests and the town itself.

If the plans are approved, the new hotel will no doubt be greeted with enthusiasm by users of new and used mobility cars, as it will lead to a more diverse range of people being able to enjoy the popular seaside resort of Clacton in comfort.  


Image credit: Sophie & cie (flickr.com)