Veteran's £3,000 mobility wheelchair repaired by Poppy Scotland

Veteran's £3,000 mobility wheelchair repaired by Poppy Scotland

The news that an Edinburgh war veteran's electric mobility wheelchair was attacked and badly damaged by vandals has led to a local charity almost immediately volunteering to repair it with £3,000 of their own funds.

Poppy Scotland, which specialises in providing support to Scottish residents who have served in the armed forces, were quickly moved to offer their assistance to 93-year-old Tom Gilzean, who is reported to have raised over £80,000 himself from tin collections in the last five years.

Mr Gilzean, who used to be a Royal Engineer, said that the response to his plight had been 'overwhelming', and that the news made him 'so delighted'.

Aids like Mobility cars and scooters are of vital importance to people like Mr Gilzean, and a spokesperson from Poppy Scotland said that the organisation was 'only too happy to help' when it was discovered that he needed their support.

In recognition of all his hard work, the pensioner will shortly receive a lifetime achievement award in a presentation by a children's hospital, which will be collected in his revamped mobility device.

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