Surrey adult disability centre celebrates 75th anniversary

Surrey adult disability centre celebrates 75th anniversary

A centre for adult disability in Surrey that has been used by countless people over the years is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Providing compassionate care for residents and visitors who need it at a time long before this was such a widely adopted practice, the Grange in the village of Bookham opened in 1938, and has been improving the quality of life and fulfilment of people dealing with a wide range of disabilities ever since.

Discussing the site's continued success, spokeswoman Marion Chow said that their experience and expertise means that staff still 'always see the results in the people we help'.

To celebrate the pioneering work they have carried out for those dependent on wheelchair accessible vehicles and other such aids, including the teaching of crafts like woodwork, catering and horticulture, the centre will be hosting their 75th anniversary celebrations this July 13th; all those who come along will be taken back in time to when the Grange was founded, with vintage vehicles and themed activities providing guests with entertainment throughout the day.


Image credit: Hartmann Linge (Wikimedia Commons)