Personal Independence Payments rolled out across England

Personal Independence Payments rolled out across England

The new system of assessing disability, known as the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) scheme, is now being rolled out nationally across England.

Replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the PIP has now completed a trial phase which was based in the north of England and will become the norm, despite protests from some charities and members of the disabled community.

Arguments have raged in Westminster and beyond about the validity of the new programme, with the chief executive of Scope claiming that 'disabled people believe this reform is an excuse to save money'.

However, this has been strongly disputed by the government, with the disabilities minister Esther McVey stating that those who have used mobility cars and other such devices to make their lives comfortable will not lose out, telling the BBC that 'this is about targeting billions of pounds a year at the people who need it most'.

Time should tell whether or not the government's new scheme is one which is fair or deserves the criticism it has received, and it must be ensured that, as Ms McVey puts it, 'the right people are getting the right support' with immediate effect.


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