Multiple sclerosis group hits out at levels of support

Multiple sclerosis group hits out at levels of support

One of the UK's leading disability charities, the MS Society, has said that over half of the people they represent are not receiving the disease-modifying treatments they are entitled to which could ease their condition.

According to a campaign that has just been launched by the group, it is estimated that 60 per cent of the approximately 100,000 British residents living with multiple sclerosis are not given access to drugs that would help to slow the progression of the neurological disorder and lower the intensity and frequency of the pain they suffer.

Who gets this treatment, the director of policy and research at the MS Society Nick Rijke has said, sadly appears often to be based on elements of 'luck', such as 'where they live or how helpful their healthcare professional is'.

Calling for equality for all those with MS around the country who are dependent on products like new and used mobility cars, the charity also criticised the fact that the UK is ranked 25th out of 27 European nations in terms of the prescription of drugs for sufferers.

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