Lady Gaga unveils new wheelchair by Louis Vuitton

Lady Gaga unveils new wheelchair by Louis Vuitton

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has been transforming the image of wheelchairs since she started using one this February, and has now unveiled the most recent addition to one of her more unexpected fashion lines.

Moving on from her headline-making, 24-carat gold Mordekai chair, the 'Poker Face' singer is now showing off one personally designed for her by the experts at world renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton, which comes complete with the label's trademark brown and tan print.

Lady Gaga was apparently devastated when she had to cancel the remainder of her 'Born This Way' world tour after suffering severe hip damage, but she certainly now seems to be embracing and truly making the most of her situation.

Gaga's recent wheelchair use has introduced many more people around the world to the difficulties faced on a daily basis by those with restricted movement, and the way in which high quality wheelchairs and mobility cars can help to overcome these challenges.


Image credit: Janwikifoto (Wikimedia Commons)