Innovative prosthetic limb covers designed by student

Innovative prosthetic limb covers designed by student

A Nottingham Trent University student has designed a new kind of prosthetic limb which allows amputees to change their appearance to suit what they are wearing and where they are going.

23-year-old Jonathan Bradshaw, whose story was reported on in this BBC article, was apparently inspired by the fashion conundrums faced by his disabled friend Amy Bosley, who has called the project 'a stroke of genius'.

The undergraduate has come up with a removable casing for the limbs that can be replaced with uniquely coloured or patterned covers whenever the occasion calls for it; as Bradshaw himself commented, he 'really wanted to create something which amputees could link with their own style'.

Bradshaw's prototype limbs are another example of how those with mobility issues now have more products available to them than ever before to help them make the most out of their physical abilities, with other relatively modern aids like wheelchair cars and mobility scooters also playing a big part in improving the lives of disabled people all over the world.


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