Hydrating disability aid wins Queen's Award for Enterprise

Hydrating disability aid wins Queen's Award for Enterprise

A groundbreaking device being adopted by hospitals, care homes and private individuals around the UK that hydrates physically impaired people has won a prestigious 2013 Queen's Award for Enterprise.

The Hydrant, which was developed by Hydrate for Health Ltd, an organisation based in Bristol, is a simple but effective piece of equipment which allows a water container to be clipped onto, for example, a wheelchair or a bed, and, with the help of a tube, let hospital patients and other disabled people gain easy access to fluid at any time.

Research has shown that, for every £1 that is spent on a Hydrant device, as much as £36 is saved as a result, with studies demonstrating a reduction in urinary infections of up to 100 per cent and lengths of hospital stays by around 35 per cent when it is used.

The introduction of Hydrate's device has been met with acclaim from both healthcare professionals and users of other aids such as Motability cars for sale across the country, and observers expect that its popularity will continue to boom as it becomes more widely known.


Image credit: Dotjay (flickr.com)