Folding wheels set to transform wheelchair travel

Folding wheels set to transform wheelchair travel


A US-based manufacturer of mobility aids has unveiled a brand new wheelchair which has the potential to make long distance travel much easier for disabled people around the world.

Maddak have adapted an idea that was originally designed by Duncan Fitzsimmons, a former Royal College of Art student, which was intended for use on bicycles. Fitzsimmons came up with the concept of specially folding wheels which could be taken off and placed into a bag that, understandably, was received with great enthusiasm by members of the disabled community, who immediately saw how it could be converted for wheelchair use.

These amazing wheels, made from glass-filled nylon, require just half of the space that is taken up by most standard examples, reducing the storage needed from around 22 litres to only 12.

The innovation means that, in future, those unable to walk may find things such as flight transport much easier than is currently the case, adding to the convenient domestic transport already provided by sophisticated modern wheelchair vehicles.


Image credit: Memasa (Wikimedia Commons)