DJ Fresh records unique single with disabled musicians

DJ Fresh records unique single with disabled musicians

One of the UK's leading producers and drum & bass musicians, DJ Fresh, has teamed up with a group of talented disabled people to record and release a single with the help of electroencephalography technology.

The song, 'Mindtunes', is the result of collaboration between Fresh – real name Daniel Stein – Mark Rowland, Jo Portois, and Andy Walker, all three of whom are unable to play standard instruments due to physical impairment but, with the help of mindreading headsets designed by a cognitive interface specialist, can translate the ideas of the musicians onto computer.

For detailed information on how the headsets work and how you can listen to or purchase the single, simply click on this link.

From second hand wheelchair cars to accessible bathrooms, there are all kinds of products and devices now available to improve the lives of people with mobility issues, and the rise of incredible technology, such as the devices used to record 'Mindtunes', means that lifestyles should continue to become less stressful and more rewarding for the disabled community in future.


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