Disabled pig Chris P Bacon secures his own book deal

Disabled pig Chris P Bacon secures his own book deal

A disabled pig which found international fame when a video of him getting around with the help of a specially constructed wheelchair has amazed his followers by securing a deal which will see three books published under his name.

This extraordinary news follows a story which we reported on earlier this year involving an adorable piglet called Chris P Bacon who had been adopted by a vet, Dr Len Lucero, when he was brought into his surgery unable to use his hind legs.

Now, the piglet – who has since grown to 10kg in weight and is getting around with a much bigger device – has become so popular that he will soon be seen on bookshelves across his home country of the US and beyond, as discussed in this Sky News article.  

A rather unusual but nevertheless heart-warming example of how disability can be not just successfully dealt with but also appreciated as a positive thing, Chris P Bacon is now adored by millions of users of wheelchair products and able-bodied people alike.


Image credit: Wattpublishing (flickr.com)