Disabled man urges people to take up waterskiing

Disabled man urges people to take up waterskiing

A pensioner who is registered blind has said that he believes more disabled people should take up waterskiing, after enjoying the sport several times a week for 25 years.

74-year-old Peter Sheath, from Southampton, still gets out on the water as often as he can, although he admits that his age now prevents him from performing some of the more complicated tricks, like 360 degree turns.

Talking to reporters, Mr Sheath, who has no plans to give up the activity anytime soon, said that he believes 'it doesn't matter what disability you have' when it comes to waterskiing, as taking to the water can nearly always be achieved with the right guidance and equipment. 

Whilst wheelchair cars in Dorset and beyond can provide people living with a range of disabilities with quick and convenient transport, there can be no doubt that waterskiing is one of the most exciting ways for those with mobility issues to get around!


Image credit: Ulysee-nardin (Wikimedia Commons)