Cycle Together event to raise money for disabled charity

Cycle Together event to raise money for disabled charity

One of the UK's most famous Paralympic athletes has leant his support to an upcoming cycling event which will be raising money for the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity.

Scheduled to take place on June 23rd, Cycle Together will see riders travel on a choice of routes in West Norfolk before eventually arriving at the Park House respite hotel in Sandringham; fundraisers at Leonard Cheshire were given the idea for this new project following the recent sporting success of professional UK cyclists like Cundy, who was born in the county.

Leonard Cheshire official Phil Davies, launching Cycle Together, has been keen to emphasise the inclusive nature of the event, explaining that it 'is perfect for people of all ages and abilities'.

The practical, hands-on help which is provided by admirable charities like Leonard Cheshire, as well as the sophisticated aids such as wheelchair cars in Dorset and elsewhere that are now available, has made living with a disability in the 21st century more manageable than it has ever been in the past.


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