Coast to Coast wheelchair challenge

Coast to Coast wheelchair challenge

The RSPB reports on an inspirational Yorkshire man who has set himself a challenge of covering over 200 miles in a wheelchair, with the aim of raising funds and awareness to improve accessibility in the countryside.

Roy Taylor, who works for the RSPB in northern England, was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in September last year. Although still able to walk a few yards with the aid of a stick, he now relies totally on the use of a wheelchair for even the shortest of walks.  His experiences have highlighted the issue of accessibility for people with mobility problems in the great outdoors.

Roy said: “Like many other people I love being outdoors and watching wildlife. It makes me feel alive.  Yet, despite purchasing the best four wheel drive wheelchair on the market, many paths suitable for disabled people like myself, are inaccessible due to stiles, kissing gates and other obstacles.  Many paths I could access when walking are now out of bounds when in a wheelchair. It needn’t be like this.”

To raise funds to transform the region’s reserves, Roy will be taking on a coast to coast wheelchair challenge, from Southport to Hornsea. Starting on Saturday 24 May, he will cover 215 miles along the Trans-Pennine Trail, aiming to finish on Tuesday 3 June.


Image: The RSPB

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