Call to maintain support levels for disabled home movers

Call to maintain support levels for disabled home movers

A disabled woman from Devon has called on the government to ensure a 'continuity of care' for people who, like her, have experienced disparities in the support levels they receive after moving from one area to another.

The story of 28-year-old Sarah Croft, which can be read in more detail on the ITV website here, began when the South West resident, who is a wheelchair user and suffers from an undiagnosed muscle condition, relocated to Paignton from her former home in Exmouth.

Once she had moved into her new property, she found that she was then only entitled to 16 hours of care per week, compared to the previous figure of 23.5 hours, due to differences in the policies of the two local authorities she lived under the jurisdiction of.

Ms Croft and people like her are not looking for grants to buy products like stairlifts or new mobility cars, simply a guarantee that they will be given the same treatment after moving house as they received before. It is hoped that her recent meeting with health minister Norman Lamb will lead to this being looked into as a priority.


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