Boy with muscular dystrophy explores world through photographs

Boy with muscular dystrophy explores world through photographs

An amazing series of photographs has been released showing a young wheelchair user exploring the world in a project called 'The Little Prince'.

The pictures, which show a 12-year-old muscular dystrophy sufferer, Luka, playing basketball, swimming underwater, skateboarding and more, were created without the aid of Photoshop or any other editing software, and instead put together with aerial shots and the strategic placement of household objects and coloured sheets.

Matej Peljhan, a family friend and talented photographer, was responsible for the images, which came to fruition after Luka said he wanted to see what he taking part in these activities would look like.

Although Luka is reliant on the use of aids like mobility cars for sale to carry out everyday tasks, these photos show how he has the same interests as anyone his age and that his imagination knows no bounds.

Anyone who is interested in looking through the pictures can do so by clicking here.


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