Accessories for WAVs

You can further customise your Brotherwood Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to fully suit your needs with our selection of options and accessories. From restraint systems to loading aids and more, our accessories range enables you to fully tailor your vehicle conversion for ease of use.

  • RRS Ratchin

    Ratchin Restraint System

    The Ratchin Restraint System features a synchronised reel function. This greatly assists belt withdrawal and retraction, and minimises the possibility of the belts ‘binding’.

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    Power Assisted Wheelchair Restraint System

    The PAWRS is a combined winch and front restraint system to assist in the loading of a wheelchair and passenger. It has been successfully dynamically tested with heavy wheelchairs up to 190kg.

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  • Transfer Seat

    Transfer Seat

    The Transfer Seat makes transferring into the front passenger seat easier, by rotating the seat over the door sill of the car. The seat and passenger then pivot back into place inside the car.

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  • Casteer Plate

    Casteer | Anti-Jamming Plates

    Casteer was designed to stop the caster wheels of the wheelchair jamming against the sides of a narrow converted floor in a vehicle. Turning the Caster Wheels inwards makes exiting the car easier.

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  • Eyelets

    Hook-i Eyelets

    Hook-i eyelets provide permanent, simple, easily recognisable anchor points to attach 4 point restraint systems. Light and strong, made in stainless steel for fit-and-forget applications in a variety of sizes.

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  • Luggage Board

    Luggage & Dog Boards

    Our bespoke fitted luggage boards sit behind the wheelchair, levelling off the rear part of the conversion for an ideal place to store bags, or a comfortable resting place for canine companions.

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